Follow These Beard Maintenance Tips

March 16, 2020




Beards have been around as long as man has existed. Since prehistoric times, men used their beards to provide warmth, intimidation, and protection. By 454 BC, barbershops lined the streets of Rome. Stylized beards have been a staple across cultures and eras, throughout recorded history. The reality is, a good-looking beard doesn’t happen by accident. A healthy, well-groomed beard isn’t solely genetic. Sure, some people have an advantage when it comes to beard texture and growth rates, but proper care for your beard makes a world of difference. Keep reading to find out how Blue Collar Barber recommends you care for your beard. 

The Perfect Beard

Obtaining the perfect beard isn’t all about just brushing it out and using products. There are actions you may not have even thought about that will determine the quality of your beard. Blue Collar Barber believes the three areas that contribute to cultivating the perfect beard are:  

  1. Skincare
  2. Neckline
  3. Mustache


Get Skin in the Game

Skincare is probably not what you expected to see on this list, but it is arguably the most important step. Your beard won’t ever be its best if it’s growing on dry, irritated skin. If you’re scratching and itching at your beard all day, you’re probably not practicing a proper skincare routine. This means you can fall victim to irritation, infection, beard, and razor burn. A way to develop better skincare while having a beard is to make sure you’re not treating shaving like a punishment. Shaving should be more like a ritual in celebration of your whiskers. You’ll need open pores before shaving, and then close the pores when you’re done. At Blue Collar Barber, we recommend a simple three-step shaving process to help your skin. It starts by taking a hot shower before you shave. Then splash cold water on the skin after shaving. Finally, you’ll need to apply a nourishing beard balm barrier. 

Save the Neck for Me

It’s not uncommon for men to not know how to carve their own neckline. It’s also easy to mess up. Don’t worry—Blue Collar Barber has got you covered. If you want to avoid having a neckbeard or prevent your neckline from creeping onto your cheeks, there’s a simple trick you should know. Place your index and middle finger above the Adam’s apple. This is the proper baseline for the bottom of your beard. Take your razor and set a marking line from this point. Shave a U or L shape from your ears behind your jawline. From there, simply fade or blend out your neckline.

We Mustache You a Question

Your mustache may be a small strip of hair, but that doesn’t mean you should be neglecting it. Trimming your mustache is simple. All you’ll need are mustache scissors and a comb. Then relax your face to its normal resting position. Comb your mustache hairs straight down to your desired length. If your mustache is too thick, separate the top layer of your mustache by combing it away from your face. Then remove it with your scissors. 

Beard Care in the Tri-Cities

Blue Collar Barber knows that this can seem like a lot to take in, especially if you’ve simply been shaving off your beard and not taking care of it. Making a mistake trimming your beard also might mean removing more than you want or (gasp!) having to go clean-shaven and start all over. Why not trust the pros at BlueCollar to care for your beard? Don’t hesitate to come down to our new location in Kingsport at 119 Broad Street. We’re one of the only shops in the area offering both hot towel and straight razor shaves and can share our advice to maintain your beard at home. Our barber Brandon Wilson is here to provide you with that custom culture beard care you’ve been looking for. Find out more by calling (423) 765-9255 or come by for a shave or trim.

Post by Andrew Beach