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BlueCollar isn't just a haircut—it's a lifestyle. We aren't some salon, but a place where the working man can come in and get the haircut and experience he deserves.

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We know you know where you're going. You don't need a map, and you certainly don't need directions. You're a man. I'll just leave this here in case your wife needs help finding where you are.


Style Your Beard

The reality is, a good-looking beard doesn't happen by accident. A healthy, well-groomed beard isn't solely genetic. Sure, some people have an advantage when it comes to beard texture and growth rates, but proper care for your beard makes a world of difference. So, we created our own custom line of beard and hair products to help you take your beard to the next level.
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About Us

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Brandon Wilson
Brandon Wilson spent his early years growing up around hair. By the time he was in the 11th grade, he was cutting and styling hair himself. Because his mother was a cosmetology instructor, you could say that being a barber was in his blood. When the time came to choose a career path, Brandon entered the military, enlisting in the U.S. Navy. He continued to cut hair even while serving his country, spending 7½ years combined aboard the USS Nassau Hall and USS Gunston Hall. The military taught him several core values he carries with him in his barbering career: honor, courage, and commitment. Educationally, Brandon chose to attend the Bristol School of Hair Design. Between his military service, family background, and professional barbering education, we can provide a unique experience for each of our clients.
Passions fuel Brandon's personal life as well as his career. He is a family man with a wife, two daughters and two step daughters. He has three priorities—God, family, and work. He also believes strongly in the importance of community. This has led him to coach softball and basketball in the past. He also loves Rockabilly culture as well as Custom Culture: specifically old cars, trucks, and motorcycles.


Brian Dunn
Brian Dunn spent most of his early years on a skateboard and working on cars. Skateboarding got him involved in the tattoo culture and working on cars made which made him comfortable with cracked knuckles and calloused hands, both taught him attention to detail and how to problem-solve.
Brian married his wife young and had his son young so when it came time to choose a career path barbering was a no-brainer in a way.
From Brian..."Your local barber is typically a guy that knows how to look good and how to talk, I’ve always been an outgoing individual so the conversation has never been an issue. Being raised by a single mother my barber was a huge role model in my life and although I never really considered it before it seems I was put on this earth to be a barber and help boys become men. To me, there’s not much more satisfying than someone asking for my advice or my opinion on something, whether it be their appearance or they’re nervous about their job or anything under the sun."
Brian attended barber college at Bristol School of Hair Design and began his barbering career at a barbershop in Johnson City, when he learned there was a spot at Blue Collar he jumped on it immediately.
"Our client base is one like no other and I noticed that and wanted to be a part of this lifestyle. I get up every day excited to work. I have a son Ryker that’s 3 and I’m married to the love of my life. Working at Blue Collar is the cherry on top. Life is good."


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